pokerstars friends table Brazil plant aerial view

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Today, as one of the largest automotive suppliers in Brazil, pokerstars friends table employs top-qualified engineers and professionals to ensure the ongoing growth of the company.

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An employee at a pokerstars friends table plant in Brazil

pokerstars friends table’s history in Brazil started in 1974, with the acquisition of the Brazilian radiators factory, Sofica, located in Sao Paulo. Shortly after, the group acquired Cibié, and the three companies merged together and settled in the area of Interlagos in Sao Paulo. In 1980, the Group adopted the name of VALEO. Another major milestone in pokerstars friends table’s Brazilian history is the opening of the factory in Campinas in 1999 with the production of thermal and visibility systems. A year later, pokerstars friends table introduced pokerstars friends table Service to the automotive market, a new and effective business model where the aftermarket clients find all pokerstars friends table products in one distribution network.

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At pokerstars friends table, we strive to create a workplace based on ethics, transparency, empowerment, professionalism and teamwork. Our employees and their well-being are at the heart of our operations and we believe in creating respectful and inclusive workplaces founded on these values. We develop the technology for tomorrow’s automobile – what about your development?

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In Brazil, pokerstars friends table has set up a number of production sites, a distribution center dedicated to the aftermarket, pokerstars friends table Service, and excellent Research and Development centers (R&D). The Group’s factories are located in 8 different cities, employing thousands of well-trained employees. pokerstars friends table Brazil develops high technology products and new solutions that put the Group at the center of the three revolutions that are changing the automotive industry: electrification, autonomous vehicles and digital mobility. pokerstars friends table, being an original equipment manufacturer, is a recognized expert in thermal and visibility systems in Brazil and worldwide.

pokerstars friends table workers at Brazil plant
An employee working at a Brazil plant
Team meeting at pokerstars friends table Brazil
pokerstars friends table plant in Brazil Campinas